Terms and Conditions

Address Access

By completing the Application/Order Form and paying the appropriate fees according to the current price schedule, the Customer will have the use of Accutype's shipping address. Customer access to mail and packages will be available in person at Accutype's business address or by forwarding of said mail and packages by Accutype to the Customers' previously established forwarding address.

Special Note: This address may not be used for mass mail-outs within the United States or locations other than within Canada. It would constitute a conflict when such mail-outs are returned "postage paid" to sender, as it would involve violation of international rules, insufficient postage issues and fines levied by Canada Post.

Official Regulations, Legal Limitations, Liability

The Customer agrees to use services in accordance with Accutype's rules and in compliance with all Canadian Postal regulations, as well as local, provincial and federal statutes and regulations. This service may not be used for illegal activities of any kind. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of service without notice. Accutype reserves the right to terminate service forthwith, if there is reason or reasonable suspicion of illegal activity or dubious business practice. Accutype intends to cooperate fully with appropriate law enforcement officials. THIS SERVICE IS NOT INTENDED FOR AND SHALL NOT BE USED FOR THE FORWARDING OF GENERAL MERCHANDISE FROM MAIL ORDER SUPPLIERS TO CUSTOMERS. Accutype must be informed of any shipment requiring special attention in advance (i.e. Customs, certified, registered, insured, C.O.D. etc.), and all packages must be accompanied by a shipping document showing value and contents for the purposes of customs declarations.

Accutype can and will ship anything, that is legal in Canada, to anywhere, subject to exceptions stated above. The Customer must be aware of products that are restricted in Customer's own country and refrain from ordering them. Accutype shall not be liable in any way if customs officials seize all or part of a shipment, rightly or wrongly, or for whatever reason.

Accutype is not "a deliverer of mail" and is therefore not responsible for failure of the Canadian Post Office or other postal or delivery service. Once Accutype has handed over the Customer's mail to the Postal or Delivery Service, the mail is deemed to be delivered to the Customer and Accutype shall not be responsible for delays, loss, theft, or any damages.

Service and Payment

Accutype will forward first class mail and/or packages at the interval and level of service specified by the Customer when the fee for service has been paid and there is an adequate deposit on hand to cover postage and handling fees. If Accutype receives mail addressed to a Customer who has not paid service fees or has an inadequate deposit on hand for postage and fees, Accutype will attempt to contact the Customer by e-mail to ask for instructions or an additional deposit.

Certified, registered, insured, or COD mail or parcels will only be accepted by Accutype as agent for the Customer, when the Customer specifically authorizes same in advance, and provides full, advance payment of COD charges. Special handling fees will apply to receipt of COD mail and parcels as well as the forwarding of mail and parcels involving registration or insurance.

Customers are required to maintain a valid e-mail address. All notices by Accutype shall be initiated by e-mail and shall constitute valid notice. If the Customer has a Canadian or U.S. fax number, a second notice will be attempted by fax after seven days. If there is adequate deposit on hand, a third notice will be sent by mail after an additional seven days. The usual cost of forwarding at the level of service previously chosen by the Customer will apply. If there is not an adequate deposit on hand, there will be no additional notices.

Accutype's basic fees may be paid by credit card; all other cash advances (for bulk mailings or parcel forwarding, courier, customs/duties fees, C.O.D., certifications, insurance, etc.) must be paid by pre-arranged method (i.e. bank transfer, money order, PayPal). Accutype reserves the right to decline payment by credit card where verification or validation is in question, or for any other reason.

All fees and deposits are payable in Canadian (or converted US) dollars and may be paid via the method agreed to between the Customer and Accutype (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, International/Postal Money Order, Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal).

Late Fee A late fee of $5.00 (plus tax) will be charged for every week the box renewal is overdue.

International Shipments

Due to strict export regulations, we do not forward product other than personal mail internationally. Anything subject to duties and tax (a declared value of over $50) is considered product. While we exercise exceptions to this rule, Accutype is not a freight company. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the international shipment of products.

Customer Responsibility

Customs duties and fees are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The Customer agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless Accutype from and against any and all claims, demands, and causes of action of any nature whatsoever relative to the use of Accutype facilities or services, and any expense of Accutype incurred in a defense against same shall be reimbursed by the Customer. In the event Accutype commits or fails to commit any act resulting in disruption of service to Customer and Customer thereby suffers a loss, Accutype's liability shall be limited to not more than the rental fees paid by the Customer for service not yet received. Accutype shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages as a result of its performance as agent for the Customer.

Termination of Service

Accutype's basic fees are due and payable in advance and notice thereof will be sent to the Customer by e-mail, fax or included in the last mail forwarding. No other notice will be given. Failure to pay such fees when due may result in disruption or cancellation of services. Accutype does not prorate its fees and does not provide refunds in the event of cancellation or termination of service prior to its agreed upon expiration.

Accounts, where there has been no activity (i.e. mail, e-mail, phone calls, payment or other means of communication) in excess of 3 months past the expiry date, will be considered as abandoned. Such accounts are then subject to being closed or "cleaned up", where accumulated material is returned to sender or is otherwise securely disposed of (i.e. shredding, recycling). Any left-over funds are transferred to a general "clean-up" account to cover the cost of such processing.

Upon termination of services by Accutype or failure to pay fees in advance by the Customer, Accutype shall have no responsibility to make the Customer's mail available without payment therefor.

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