Prices and Info

To establish an address in Vancouver, Canada, with or without mail forwarding, you would rent a mailbox. Below are the sizes and terms, from which you may choose.

Max. No. of Names Mailbox Size 3 months CDN $ 6 months CDN $ 12 months CDN $
3 Personal use 54.00 92.00 145.45
3 Business small 58.00 102.00 182.10
4 Business medium 67.00 113.00 205.00
5 Corporate 79.00 130.00 235.00

For additional names per box we charge $3.00 extra per name per month or upgrade to a larger box. There is a one-time mailbox setup charge of $10.00. Name changes or additions after the box is set up are also charged at $3.00.

It is not unusual that customers have very low or no activity on their mailboxes with us. Some want to maintain an alternate address, some just use it on their stationery, some need to have a prestigious "place of business", and some want to be perceived as business tycoons. We serve each one with our reasonable, established price structure.

Your address here would be:

"John Smith"
(and/or your Company name)
207 - 1425 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC
Canada V7T 1B9

The "207" is NOT A BOX NUMBER. It is part of our business address. Therefore it is important that you inform us of all names you wish to use for your mail arriving here. When we receive mail addressed to a name not registered with us, we are unable to determine to which customer it belongs and we will return it to sender.

PLEASE NOTE: This address must never be used for mass mail-outs within the United States or locations other than within Canada. There is a conflict when such mail is returned to sender; it involves violation of international rules, insufficient postage issues and fines by Canada Post.

A personal box can be used for personal correspondence only (3 names max.). Same family names count as one (ie. Duncan Smith, Janet Smith)

A small business box would have normal business correspondence, up to 10 pieces of mail per week. Once you use a business name, the box will be automatically rated as a business (max. 3 names). You may add 2 different personal or company names.

A medium business box would receive up to 20 pieces of mail per week (max. 4, personal or company names).

A corporate box would receive in excess of 20 pieces of mail per week (max. 5 names).

Assuming you require only a small business mailbox at a term of, say, 12 months, a typical calculation for your requirements would therefore be:

Small Business box 12 months 182.00
Less 10%* 12-month online order (18.20)
One-time setup fee 10.00
5% Tax (GST) 8.69
Deposit (for mail forwarding, etc.) 50.00
Total initial cost in Canadian dollars 232.49
*discount applies to 12-month online orders only

Please note: currency conversions should be used as a guide only and are subject to rates on clearing date by our bank. Any over-payment will be credited to your account and is reflected in your available-funds balance.

A deposit of $50.00 ensures that enough funds are available for services like mail forwarding, or other chargeable services.

For the price of the mailbox plus service fees, you will have a virtual office here, ready to serve also your business needs. If you require business cards or stationery, please ask us for a quote.

We will never pass on to third parties any personal information about you or your address. (Please see our Privacy Policy under "About Us")

"E-mail Reporting: On occasion, you may wish to find out if you have mail. Feel free to call our office any time after 10:00 a.m. PST. On individual request (we cannot automatically advise), we advise you via e-mail whether you have any mail.

For e-mail requests, you have 2 choices:

1) If you request to know whether you have mail, each time you contact us, we will answer you with the information whether or not you have mail. This service is free, as it only requires a YES or NO answer.

2) For any other requests regarding your mail we charge $6.50 for the answer either by phone or e-mail, each time you place the request. (Often customers wish to know, how many pieces of mail they have in their box, when was the last mail forwarded, who has sent mail) For more detailed recording of letters, names, date stamps, etc., a surcharge is applicable.

For mail forwarding (MFS) services, we would ask you for a deposit of, say $50.00, to cover the forwarding of letter mail via the postal service. For forwarding by courier, the deposit must be appropriately higher.

Each time we forward your mail, we charge a fee of $6.50 (plus postage & envelope) on regular mailing dates (every weekend). The fee for forwarding on other dates is $8.50 (plus postage & envelope).

Our fee for courier forwarding service is $10.70 in addition to the courier charge.

It is understood that the mailbox is used primarily for letter mail. Our forwarding fee by regular mail for an occasional parcel is $9.50. All outgoing parcels must have a Commercial Invoice on letterhead with sufficient information as to contents, number of items, country of manufacture, type of manufacture and value, in order to pass customs requirements. Additional services, including express post, registered items, filling out forms, etc. will be charged separately according to manhours spent. Please Note: We will not handle parcels in excess of 10 lbs. If a parcel over 10 lbs arrives at your rental box, you are responsible for arranging its forwarding by your own method.  Storage fee applies.

Customs, COD and similar charges are only paid on your behalf, if we have advance notice that you expect such item, and if there are sufficient funds in your account to pay for them.

To receive cross-border parcels or other declarable items, we may require a letter of authorization from you which allows us to accept the goods on your behalf.

All funds herefor must be available in your account balance.

We will forward your mail at any time and to anywhere you specify.

1) Typically, we place all your letter mail in one large envelope and send it to your forwarding address by postal service. The sender's address is a simple stamp without name:

207 - 1425 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC
Canada V7T 1B9

2) If you require faster service, we will use FedEx Courier for forwarding. Our handling fee is $10.70 plus courier charges. Since we cannot accept credit card payments for third party cash outlay, a Money Order is required (or another payment method listed below). You may also have the courier fees charged to your own FedEx account number.

3) For the FASTEST POSSIBLE delivery of information, as is our practice with some customers, we will process your letters by photocopying each letter contents and faxing you the photocopied information at a charge of $4.50 per letter (+ long distance charges). The service deposit should be $100.00.

Re-mailing your letters from our location: Please place your letters (addressed and sealed) in a larger envelope with your address as the sender, addressed to:

Accutype Services
207 - 1425 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC
Canada V7T 1B9

We will put the stamps on your letters and mail them from Vancouver same day. This Service is for people who want their own mail (payment of bills, letters to friends) showing a Vancouver postmark.

If you require our re-mailing service only once, please enclose appropriate funds; we will not return overpaid funds for this service, nor will we keep records.

Regrettably, we are unable to accept credit card payments for re-mailing service.

If you would like to set up an account for frequent re-mailing service, we would customarily open an account and keep a record of every date a letter was re-mailed for you. You would pay an amount in advance, from which we would deduct the cost each time we re-mail your letters. For frequent re-mailing, the setup fee is Can$20.00 + an appropriate service deposit (say, Can$25 - $50, depending on the frequency).

If you set up a mailbox with mail forwarding service, the re-mailing service is automatically included, where the funds necessary to re-mail your letters are deducted from your 'available funds' balance (that would be the customary MFS deposit amount of $50.00 when you open a mailbox).

Fax Service: We charge $1.00 per page and $0.75 for each additional page (long distance charges apply in some cases).

From your pre-paid account, we will deduct all fees, tax and costs for our services. When your balance reaches $10.00, or when your box rental is near the expiry date, we will ask you to replenish the account and/or renew. We will keep accurate entries of your account and will be pleased to send you a periodic copy upon request. Unused portions of deposits are refundable upon request (less a 10% handling fee).

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, unless specified otherwise. Please note, curren tax rate  is added to all prices quoted.

You may place your order via e-mail, fax, or telephone, or use the order form on this website.

Please view our Terms and Conditions.

Service starts upon receipt of funds. Sufficient funds must be on hand to pay all costs and fees. You must maintain a valid e-mail address with us, since this is our customary method of communication.

Late Fee - A late fee of $5.00 (plus GST) will be charged for every week the box renewal is overdue.